Best Chocolate Almond Butter Pie! No Bake – Vegan/Paleo Dessert

Best Chocolate Almond Butter Pie! No Bake -Vegan/Paleo Dessert Rich Bitch Cooking BlogRecipe of the fucking gods! I was really pumped to make some pie after seeing the pictures on Minimalist Bakers website for peanut butter chocolate pie…. but peanut butter doesn’t sit well in my gut. Plus there’s a whole thing about using the whole can of coconut milk vs just the cream off the top. I wasn’t seeing any roll n roll almond butter pie recipes and I wasn’t sure about using a whole can of coconut milk. Would a whole can be too watery and not set into a perfect pie? Fuck it. shooting from the hip panned out this go round so please ENJOY this recipe. This is sooo good and has the best texture. Its creamy and somewhat fluffy and totally vegan. Approx 350 calories a slice.

Blend all of these things:

  1. Whole can of coconut milk (full fat?)
  2. 8-10 TB of THICK almond butter
  3. 4 TB (or more) cacao/chocolate powder
  4. 4 TB of sweetener (optional) I used agave but you could use high corn syrup if that’s your jam

Blend then pour in pie crust. I used a cheap corn syrup crust (just kidding) instead of making my own but DIY crust is super easy. You can process graham crackers with oil and agave or just use nuts and dates. Let it sit overnight  in the fridge. Cut into 8 slices. garnish with almond butter and chocolate sauce.

For more details on this recipe watch my video below.

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